Parking permits for residents of Wimborne will increase from £80 to £260

A RESIDENT is “disgusted” at the prospect of seeing her annual parking permit bill increase by 225%.

Joy Rawlin lived for many years paying a permit for the Old Road car park, as her Julian’s Road property has no off-street parking.

When the retired social worker started using the site, the price was £50 for the year and that amount kept rising until it reached the most recent fee of £80, which she paid for her current license.

However, at the next renewal, Ms Rawlin and other residents of Julian’s Road will have to pay £260 for a parking permit to use the car park.

She told the Daily Echo there was a sense of “shock and horror” when she found out about the increase.

“It tended to go up a little every year, but for residents who have no other choice, it’s absolutely appalling,” Ms Rawlin said.

“I thought about knocking down my front wall to park there, but there’s not enough depth outside the house. I just have to hope there’s room on the road.”

She added: “Just because I live in Wimborne doesn’t mean I’m not well off. This is going to hit me really hard.”

Dorset Council has been reviewing its parking fees and permits for some time.

Two types of parking permits were defined by Cllr Ray Brian, portfolio holder for highways, travel and the environment, at a meeting in November.

He said a ‘pop and shop’ permit, costing £78 for the year, will allow up to two hours a day in short-term parking areas, while a ‘live, work and play’ permit will allow limited access to short term parking and full access to long term parking for £260 per year.

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At the time he promised Wimborne Councilor Shane Bartlett to continue talks to see if anything could be done to avoid an increase in the parking permit for town residents from £80 to £260 a year .

Cllr Bartlett said the hike was unfair with very few parking spaces available for residents of the town.

Ms Rawlin added: “I can’t see what the reason for the increase in permits is. I’ve been told people in other parts of Dorset are already paying £700 but all the residents here use this car park for many years.”

She added: ‘The council says you can park anywhere in Dorset but that still doesn’t make it any more reasonable or affordable.

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In a statement, Cllr Bryan said: “Our parking transformation project ensures a consistent approach to parking charges across the council area.

“As part of this work, we consulted on replacing the 76 existing permits with two new permits, which will still provide discounted parking for residents, businesses and commuters.

“We plan to offer a short stay permit for people wishing to shop locally or for leisure purposes, as well as a flexible stay permit to provide both short-term and all-day parking for residents who also want to use their permit to park. for work .

“These two offer good value for money, but you want to use our car parks, with the added bonus that permits are valid throughout the council area.”