Pay and Park Tender at Khandeshwar, Mansarovar Stns | News from Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai: Cidco has launched two separate tenders for payment and parking at the suburban stations of Khandeshwar and Mansarovar.
In the absence of a parking space, vehicle owners must park on the roads.
They are frequently sanctioned by the traffic police, because Cidco develops buildings of the PMAY scheme in the parking lots of these two stations.
Many vehicle owners have received Lok Adalat notices of up to Rs 5,000 for failing to pay traffic police fines.
“The issue of parking remains the same. Vehicle owners who park there are penalized, given e-challans and given notices from Lok Adalat, said Suresh Babu, a resident of sec-6, New Panvel.
“PMAY housing projects will continue to impact parking spaces, causing havoc in traffic. Any available space including roads near Khandeshwar and Mansarovar railway stations are parked with vehicles. The problem is getting worse every day, said Kamothe resident Mangesh Adhav.
“We have received frequent complaints from the public about the traffic disorder. The traffic police are caught in the middle of the problem,” said NV Vishwakar, Senior Traffic Inspector, Kalamboli.
“Our transport department has been running separate ‘Pay & Park’ tenders for four months at Khandeshwar and Mansarovar stations to resolve the issues,” said Arjun Anuse, chief transport planning engineer at Cidco. .