Petition petition parking | Wyndham

By Alesha Capone

A petition asks that a special school in Hoppers Crossing be allowed to continue to use the parking lot of a nearby shopping center for free.

Barrie Hope, who works as a crossing supervisor at Warringa Park School, started the petition.

The petition says members of the school community have been parked in the parking lot of the Woodville Mall for more than 30 years and parents drop their children off there.

Mr Hope said that earlier this year the legal entity that owns the parking lot barricaded the entrance to the site with temporary fencing and signs – which have since been removed – threatening to tow vehicles not belonging to them. to shopping center customers.

School staff were told they could park on site if they paid $ 8 per day.

Mr Hope said school staff usually park on the far left of the parking lot, leaving the area near the stores free for truck deliveries and shoppers.

The petition calls on Wyndham council to intervene to keep this section of the parking lot open for the school, including if development is proposed for the site.

“If the school cannot use the parking lot, it will be forced to park in the surrounding streets, which will create parking problems for residents and more traffic jams in the area,” the petition says.

Some of the traders in Woodville last week had the petition in their stores for customers to sign.

A school staff member, who requested anonymity, said she was too afraid to park her car in the streets around the Warringa Park campus, in case she was hit by hoons.

In March, Star Weekly spoke to a group of residents of Woodville, who said drivers often engage in dangerous behaviors in their neighborhood, including speeding, drag racing and burnouts.

Wyndham council’s design and livability director Ludo Campbell-Reid said the council is committed to working with the school and the mall.

“We are aware that there are parking issues, especially around school drop-off and pick-up times,” the spokesperson said.

City officials will prepare a traffic and parking management plan for the area.

The legal entity for the Woodville Mall has been contacted for comment.