Plans for Woolworths Jannali development, including suburban parking lot, go before panel | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

This is how the north side of dismal Jannali shopping street could be transformed as part of plans for a commercial-residential development in Woolworths, including a 200-space suburban parking lot.

A planning proposal to change the zoning of the site is due for consideration this evening by the local Sutherland Shire planning committee.

The committee will advise the Sutherland Shire Council if it considers the proposal to be of sufficient merit to be referred to the Minister of Planning and Public Spaces for the purpose of determining the gateway.

Concept plans prepared by Woolworths, which owns seven properties on Box Road, show that the supermarket is set back from Box Road but incorporated into the public domain.

“Additional retail spaces provide outdoor dining opportunities, which would help Jannali’s vitality, especially at night, a council report said.

“The concept of a central public domain area is desirable and would improve the comfort of the center for residents and visitors.

“However, it must be easily visible and open on Box Road.

“We consider that the width of the opening in the artist’s impression is too constrained.

“The provisions of the DCP (development control plan) may require a larger opening of the order of 20 meters by 20 meters.

“This space should also be required to receive a reasonable degree of solar access in winter.”

Conceptual plan of the site layout, with Box Road in the foreground and Railway Crescent to the left. The suburban parking lot is at the back, and would be built into the slope. Image: provided

Another image shows where the buildings could be placed on the site.

Suburban parking would be on the north side, accessible from Beatrice Road.

“Considering the 10-meter drop across the site, the most likely design solution for the suburban parking lot is to cut it down the slope of Beatrice Road,” the report said.

“It would place most of the structure at or below the current ground level.

“This actually means that while the suburban parking would add to the intensity of use at the site, it might not add bulk and scale.

“By being largely underground, the suburban parking lot and mixed-use development could be achieved within the 20-meter height limit that applies to the land.”

The planning proposal aims to change the zoning of the land from parking lot SP1 to local center B2, apply a floor area ratio of 2: 1 and exclude the floor area associated with the suburban parking lot from the floor area calculation. brute.



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