Pointe-Claire divided following the exclusion of the Fairview parking lot from the zoning freeze

Divisions are deepening in Pointe-Claire after city council voted to exclude the Cadillac Fairview shopping center parking project from a development freeze.

The real estate development company wants to build three 27-storey towers near the new REM station. Building on a 900-car parking lot was prohibited until this week, when council voted to overturn that restriction — a move Pointe-Claire Mayor Tim Thomas opposes.

“Let’s hope the advisers come to their senses and change their minds,” he said.

Christian Marcotte, who has lived in Pointe-Claire for 55 years, is also against the decision.

“Condos are going up everywhere, and I feel like the city is being sold off to developers,” she said.

“I don’t recognize my city.

Marcotte was one of about 50 people to attend a public meeting in Pointe-Claire on Saturday.

Some in the crowd said the units could help solve a housing problem: “For seniors, I’ve been looking to downsize, but there’s nowhere to downsize,” said said one participant.

Others left with a sense of optimism about the future.

“I came away much more relieved about what the council intends to do,” resident Keith Morris said.

But not everyone was convinced.

“We moved here for the quality of life and the green spaces. That’s why we want it to stay as nice as it is, resident Nasr El Dabee told CTV News.

Councilor Brent Cowan voted to lift the construction freeze but insists the project is not a done deal.

“Many citizens were worried about details such as height, size, green spaces. Those conversations will still happen regardless,” he said.

Cadillac Fairview also owns the woods next to the mall, but those woods are still part of the zoning freeze at this time.

The final vote on the fate of the Fairview parking lot will take place on May 3.