Potential new car park to serve Peterborough University development and the public

Planning permission has been filed for a temporary car park in Peterborough for customers of the Vivacity Regional Fitness and Indoor Swimming Centre. The proposed car park would allow for the next phase and development of Peterborough University.

Peterborough City Council is looking to provide parking in an open space south of Bishop’s Road adjacent to Frank Perkins Parkway (A1139) in Peterborough. The development application was first filed on April 1, 2022 and is currently awaiting a decision.

The car park is expected to replace 128 of the existing 198 parking spaces at the Regional Pool which would be “leased to the University to service the Phase 2 development”, according to the planning statement. Plans for the proposed parking lot would temporarily be about five years away while “an ’emerging’ embankment master plan is being prepared to consider the use of the area and the university campus is approaching parking provision in a more strategic”.

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The proposed parking site is owned by Peterborough City Council. There is no planning history for this specific site where the car park would be located, however, an earlier application submitted for Peterborough University highlights the suitability of this space as the proposal provides “alternative car parking to that approved “.

The application (21/00287/R3FUL) previously submitted for Peterborough University reads as follows: “Complete application for the construction of a three storey building, car park and associated works, infrastructure and of landscaping for use as a research and development building as part of Peterborough University Summary Application (with all matters other than access and scale reserved) for the construction of a one-storey car park capacity of up to 180 additional spaces, the creation of a new access from Bishop’s Road, including the creation of a new access to the regional swimming pool car park and the closure of the existing access from Bishop’s Road, and associated works, infrastructure and landscaping”.

This planning permission for the development and growth of the University of Peterborough was granted in June 2021, however, since then the university said it had “reconsidered its plans” for the campus and for the terraced car park which does not It is no longer “considered cost-effective or sustainable as the site is likely to be redeveloped in the future by the University under the Emerging Landfill Master Plan, the planning statement said.

As a result, Peterborough University will no longer go ahead with the terrace car park. Instead of meeting the next stage (phase 2) of developing the university’s parking requirements which requires 128 “off-site spaces”, part of the current regional pool parking lot (128 of 198 spaces) will be leased to the university.

Following this, Peterborough City Council submitted this application for a temporary car park to be built on the proposed open space site to provide public parking for the regional swimming pool. This car park will consist of 128 places to replace the places rented to the university from the current Regional Swimming Pool car park.

Temporary parking, if approved, will also be accessible to the public as 24-hour parking. You can read more details for building permit 22/00442/FUL here.

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