Reports of dangerous driving as police called for a car encounter at Oxford Parkway

TRAFFIC Police say four car enthusiasts will be arraigned in court for dangerous driving after an encounter at Oxford Parkway station.

Officers from the Thames Valley Roads Policing Unit used a drone to monitor the event in the car park of Kidlington station on Saturday night before responding.

Writing on social media, traffic wardens said: “Evidence was collected before traffic police officers intervened and dealt with the culprits.

“Driving like this carries an inherent risk to bystanders and the public as well as an impact on the local community.”

Referring to the maneuver which sees drivers spin their car in a circle, road officers added: “Don’t do donuts.”

Four drivers have been charged with dangerous driving, an offense that carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a mandatory driving ban.

Thames Valley Police Traffic Unit said in a tweet: ‘Remember, we can’t be everywhere, but we can be anywhere.

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