Road closures in Pietermaritzburg for Zuma trial

Former President Jacob Zuma at the Pietermaritzburg High Court. Photo: FILE

Roads near Pietermaritzburg High Court will be closed or inaccessible to the public when the trial of former President Jacob Zuma resumes on Monday, April 11.

Msunduzi’s traffic management plan says the affected roads would be closed from Monday 6 a.m. until Thursday April 14, while the court is in session.

A. Temporary parking restrictions

1. Parking will be prohibited on Church Street – between the AS Chetty Building and Otto Street

2. Metered taxi parking will not be accessible to metered taxis from Monday to Thursday as their parking lot is used by SAPS, particularly in the area around Old Market Street outside Bessie Head Library.

3. The metered taxi parking area on Church Street from the City Squares taxi rank to the Freedom Square main entrance will also not be available for metered taxis during Zuma’s trial.

B. Temporary parking area for taxis with meter

1. All metered taxis will be temporarily accommodated on Church Street outside City Squares Taxi rank.

C. Closed roads

The road closure will begin from 6am until the end of Pietermaritzburg High Court for each day.

1. Church Street/Boshoff Street – Soft closure where only minibus taxis and metered taxis will be allowed through to access City Squares taxi rank.

2 Motorists intending to access the AS Chetty Building for Msunduzi Municipal Services will also be slowed to pass the soft close point, including members of the public intending to access services within the premises shopping malls located above Boshoff Street, such as KFC and other businesses.

3. Church Street/City Squares Taxi Rank Exit Point – there will be another soft close where only High Court Judges and media will be slowed down to their parking area.

4. Church Street/Judge’s Entrance, there will be a hard closure where there will be a speed barrier through the church enclosing the area between Pietermaritzburg High Court and Pietermaritzburg Magistrates Court by Old Market Str.

5. Church Street/Old Market Street, there will be another permanent closure with rapid fencing on Church Street with temporary controlled access barrier.

D. Temporary ban on parking Places de la Liberté

1. Parking from Monday April 11 to Thursday April 14 will be prohibited because it will be reserved for any gathering of supporters of the former president during the trial at the High Court.

1.1. Magistrate court staff and private attorneys were asked to find alternate parking for the duration of the trial.

Rue E. Pietermaritz

Reservation of a lane in Pietermaritz Street between Msunduzi Fire and Rescue Service to Otto Street by National Prosecuting Authority KZN Head Office, where traffic cones will be set up to reserve this lane for security purposes.

The area above Old Market Street and below Boshoff Street in Church Street will operate as normal.

Msunduzi Traffic Police will be there to maintain law and order.