Running lights on all night in the parking lot is a waste of municipal taxpayers’ money

This week, a post appeared on Wiltshire Council’s Facebook about the harmful effects of light pollution on wildlife and how residents should limit garden lighting.

Sounds good on the surface, giving advice for people to consider, you might think. I really want to not worry about what other people are doing and do what I can to address the climate emergency through my actions, but Wiltshire Council’s hypocrisy on this occasion has made me very angry. anger and must be challenged.

For over a year since the opening of Sadlers Mead car park in Chippenham, the Gazette and Herald, Wiltshire Councillors, the Chippenham Civic Society, friends of Monkton Park and residents via MyWilts and Cabinet Meetings have reported that Supposed sensors for lighting which Wiltshire Council says was part of the contractors’ mandate to deliver for the first floor and above are not working. The lights burn 24/7 and can be seen for miles around. So why hasn’t Wiltshire Council mandated this work to save the expensive light pollution and energy bills residents are paying through council tax hikes in a housing cost crisis? life ?

The ground floor cha last full council meeting), shouldn’t that money be put into Wiltshire on projects like fixing those downstairs lights to save money and help with the climate emergency?

Also for Future Chippenham, Wiltshire Council’s glossy brochures show taking one of the few totally dark places with great air quality and rich in wildlife and putting executive homes and light pollution along of the canal for the benefit of a few at the expense of many residents and wildlife losing this area.

Wiltshire Council’s actions and words must match, then Council finances, residents and wildlife benefit.

Melanie Boyle

By email

Britain must do better

As Russia intensifies its attacks on Ukraine, millions of civilians are fleeing their homeland and seeking refuge in other European countries.

By March 11, Poland had taken 1.5 million; Hungary 225,000; Slovakia 176,000; Romania 85,000.

But what about Western Europe? Germany has so far received 80,000; Italy 24,000; France 7,500; Spain 6,000? And the UK? About 1,000. It’s a shame.

When it came to awarding lucrative PPE contracts in the face of the Covid emergency, the Tories gleefully fast-tracked them for their friends. But when it comes to processing visa applications from desperate Ukrainian refugees looking for a safe place, there is no speeding up. Our government’s response has been bureaucratic and reluctant.

Britain can and should do better than that. No one would question the humanity and generosity of the nations I listed above. Our government is failing Ukrainian refugees and in doing so it is also failing the British people.

John Boaler

wooded park


The heckler of the town hall reacts

I’m the heckler, as this newspaper reports in the report on Danny Kruger’s Q&A meeting at Devizes town hall. I held up a piece of A4 paper, it said: “Putins Puppets = Boris & Trump.” I then waited quietly until called to speak, despite Sit Down cries from a very loud gentleman.

When I was called to speak, I referred to a full-page article in the March 1 i newspaper titled “How Russian Money Corrupted This Land”. A key message was that as mayor in 2014, Boris was proud to be part of the billionaire trafficking. I left because someone was reading a piece of Boris adulation worthy of the House of Commons.

Coupled with recent reports of peerages for cash donations from people linked to Putin, it’s all part of the familiar stories of shady Boris practices.

I fear that the consequences of making Putin believe that his corrupt influence allows him to act with impunity are only too shocking.

When will the Conservative Party act? We all know what bad apples do when they’re in a barrel.

Terry Bazeley

Address provided

pay ahead

I would like to let you know that there are some very nice people out there, despite everything that is going on in the world today.

I went shopping at the Tesco store in Marlborough and when I went to pay for my goods it appeared I had lost my wallet. I told the cashier and asked him to hold my groceries while I looked for them.

By then, a small queue had formed. A gentleman behind me then asked the cashier what happened and the cashier told him. With that, the complete stranger said that I had nothing to worry about and that he would pay for me, despite my protests, embarrassment and other protests. He said he was a worker and had enough money. I couldn’t let him. He insisted that he had already paid for all my purchases.

I felt so humbled when I started looking for my wallet and felt even worse when I found it on the seat of my car. I immediately rushed back to the store and spent a long time looking for this gentleman without success.

To try to make things more eventful, I have since donated to a charity shop. I would like through your article to express my sincere thanks to the gentleman who showed such kindness to an elderly foreigner.

Denis Lavis


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