Sheffield man furious over ‘disgusting’ White Line parking ticket

A Sheffield man slapped with a ticket for leaving his car ‘just over’ the white line of a parking area has called his £50 fine ‘ridiculous’.

Martyn Longbottom was shocked to learn he had received a ticket when he returned to his car in the Wellington Street car park in Sheffield during his lunch break on Tuesday.

The 62-year-old was fined £50 for ‘not parking properly’, which will be reduced to £25 if he pays the fine within the 28-day period.

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But Martyn intends to appeal the charge, which he called “disgusting” and “ridiculous”.

Martyn Longbottom was ticketed for parking outside the White Bay Line in a Sheffield car park – he says it’s ‘ridiculous’

Martyn said he returned to his car at 2pm yesterday (Tuesday) to find a parking attendant placing a ticket on the windshield.

“I said I had paid and had a ticket in my car, so I asked what I had done wrong,” he said. Yorkshire Live. “She (the parking lot attendant) said I parked over the white line.”

Martyn claims he must have parked slightly above the white bay line as there was a ‘large van’ parked in the space next to him when he first arrived at the parking lot. He claims the van was gone by the time he received the ticket.

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“I parked over the line so my mate could open the door,” he added. “I always park here.”

The 62-year-old claims the parking attendant “laughed” as he tried to plead his innocence. Asked what he thought of the fine, Martyn said: “I think it’s ridiculous, it’s disgusting. I didn’t commit any offence. I couldn’t believe it. I was told that I should have parked properly in the bay.

Martyn Longbottom was shocked to find he had received a <a class=parking ticket from Sheffield Council” content=””/>
Martyn Longbottom was shocked to find he had received a parking ticket from Sheffield Council

“This is the final space and it [his car] is just above the white line.”

Martin said Yorkshire Live he was writing a letter of complaint to Sheffield City Council. The authority has been contacted for comments.

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