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Letter to the editor – July 15, 2021

As a resident of West Hill Road in Ryde, I received a letter from Southern Water saying that the recreation on Simeon Street will be used as a temporary parking lot starting July 23.

The playground was donated to Ryde’s children and a wedding ring was placed there so that it could not be used as a parking lot. The entrance to the recreation area from West Hill Road is narrow and will not allow the passage of 2 vehicles, so will there be another temporary entrance / exit, if so, where?

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West Hill Road gets very busy on normal days without the added stress of using it to access a large parking lot. What traffic management and safety investigations have been carried out and when? What additional measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians, including children, when entering and exiting the recreation area or will it be closed to pedestrians? There are many other questions raised by this proposal, including why do not tell us until a very short time before it is initiated.

Southern Water could pay the IW Council and local beach traders compensation based on previous years’ sales for their delay in repairs and also pay for a park-and-ride system to be put in place from the stadium. Smallbrook or other land owned by the council.

Southern Water has been allowed to take its time on these repairs instead of working 24/7 and will now shock everyone who lives next to this open space and its surroundings.

Finally, I expect that all of the above issues will be ignored and the proposal will go ahead with no guarantees as to when the recreation land will be returned to its specified use and who will pay for it.

This is the second time that the Council has tried to turn this facility into a parking lot, I hope they will not succeed.

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John clifton