Smart Parking continues to expand its parking business in the UK

Smart parkingone of the UK’s leading parking management companies, continued its expansion across the country by taking over the management of Willen Lake visitor car parks in Milton Keynes.

The company was selected through a tendering process that started at the end of 2021 after proposing a solution that will offer comfort to all visitors to the car parks and offer better client experience through the site.

At the car park, visitors will find new signage explaining the terms of their stay. The new signs will include the GDPR notice and T&Cs as well as clear instructions on rates and payment terms. On the site Smart parking ambassadors will also be in place to provide in-person advice and support during the transition period.

Smart Parking is a member of the British Parking Associationand for any issues that arise, it operates a BPA approved and audited appeals process.

An independent charity, The Parks Trust manages Willen Lake and 6,000 acres of parkland and green space across Milton Keynes – reinvesting its revenue into the park for the enjoyment of visitors and residents. The Trust also provides outdoor learning opportunities for all ages and works with around 6,000 school children each year, organizing and enabling over 500 events each year with the help of over 200 volunteers.

Peter Coakley, COO of Smart Parking, says:

Smart Parking is growing rapidly across the country, and we’re excited to be working with them now. The Parks Trust. Our commitment to an unrelenting focus on customer experience aligns perfectly with The Parks Trust’s care for its sites and everyone who visits them. The new signs and fares will provide visitors with improved accessibility, flexibility and value. As a company, Smart Parking is always keen to provide the best service to its customers and is delighted that this agreement is the latest example of this.

About Smart Parking Limited

Smart Parking Limited is a pioneer in technological innovation and a service company in the parking industry. With offices in Australia, New Zealand and Germany as well as the UK, as well as a rapidly growing global network of expert partners, our aim is to bring our smart parking sensors and parking services intelligent integrated into the world. Each year, we install tens of thousands of sensors in a range of environments, including shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, commercial parking lots, universities and large-scale municipal street environments. To date, our advanced real-time parking sensor solution, known as SmartPark, has been adopted in 17 countries. Alongside the Technology Products Division, our Managed Services Division operates and manages thousands of parking spaces across the UK using complementary Automatic Number Plate Recognition / Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. /LPR). This can be used as a single solution or with the option to be combined with Pay & Display or integrated with detection technology.