Sound Off: January 21, 2021 | sound off

On identification requirements:

“You need ID to buy alcohol, tobacco, drive a vehicle, enter a casino, bank, get a credit card or loan, transact at the DMV, get vaccinated against COVID. I could go on and on, but the president doesn’t think you need ID to vote. Why?”

At the Lofts sur Dietz:

“I think the new Lofts on Dietz are a great addition to our town. Not only will they provide quality housing for those who consider themselves artists, but they will also include the Hartwick College Grain Innovation Center as well as housing for those on a middle income. All will be easily accessible downtown, where there are a variety of restaurants, a grocery store and other businesses that will appreciate the extra traffic. Even bitter, the design is beautiful and fits in well with the buildings already there. People complain about parking, but people always complain about something. There are the Dietz Street Park Lots (once construction is complete they will open up more spaces), the Westcott Lot, the Parking Garage, and the On-Street Parking. Everything is easily accessible and the city has also opened up the Neawha Park lots for parking in case of a snow emergency…with shuttles as well.

On wearing a mask:

“Also, I wholeheartedly agree with the Sound Off writer who noticed that Tina Mole, head of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors was not wearing her mask properly. With leaders like that, who needs enemies? Her decisions over the past few years are suspect, and you can see how much she cares about others (not!) in the photo.

On Merrick Garland:

“Among the few of us who have the inclination, interest and time to follow Merrick Garland’s performance as Attorney General, some of us have been critical of the length of time it has taken to indict Bannon. The delay was largely caused by Garland having to weed out Trump appointees. Barr had room to use the Justice Department as Trump’s defense law firm. Garland had to revamp the Justice Department to serve the people of the Untied State, not agitate Trump. Bannon was charged. Garland sues Texas for unconstitutional voter restriction laws. Texas is the home of Senator Cruz, one of Trump’s biggest pests who is only in Texas when the power is on. The GOP kept Garland from the Supreme Court, but not as AG. Let’s see what happens.

On COVID vaccinations:

“I have seen several letters to your newspaper regarding the COVID vaccine, or in some circles they are called ‘The Jab’. Our public health authorities have said they are safe and effective. However, recent comments in the media have raised doubts about their effectiveness. I wonder if they are still safe and effective? Wear your masks at all times, it will improve your health. Is that true?”

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