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Technological equipment, in terms of connectivity and safety, is not the exclusive preserve of cars in the premium segment. A perfect example are the best-selling SEAT Ibiza and Arona, perfectly prepared to integrate the driver and passengers into an advanced digital ecosystem.

The new SEAT Ibiza and Arona are able to transfer the smart and connected life of any user both inside the cabin and outside. Thanks to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Mirror Link, technologies encompassed in what SEAT calls Full Link (standard in the Style finish in Ibiza and X-Perience in Arona), it is possible to access a digital environment on board , regardless of the device used; an integration of the mobile with the vehicle which is carried out 100% wireless, without annoying cables. The options that open up with this dynamic of connectivity are as varied as they are useful and practical: use the contact list to facilitate calls, import music lists to play them directly in the car, use mobile applications on the dashboard screen, manage GPS navigation, etc.

Online content

The infotainment system of the SEAT Ibiza and Arona is an invitation to enjoy the digital world connected online. Via a button or voice commands, you can directly access up-to-date information on, for example, traffic conditions and incidents, the location of car parks with available spaces or the price of fuel at petrol stations. . Multimedia side, it is also possible to enjoy
from thousands of internet radio stations and global online music or video content; Of course, thanks to the USB type C sockets, it is possible to play any multimedia file from an external memory.

SEAT Ibiza.

“Hi Hi”

Just say “Hello, hello” aloud to activate the virtual assistant on the SEAT Ibiza and Arona, which allows you to manage the functions described above in natural language. Exactly the same way you interact with an Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant device. These vehicles are equipped with an advanced natural voice recognition system, which offers comfort and safety. Indeed, the car understands you and responds to your requests, being able to refer to previous orders as well as to admit corrections.

Interior of SEAT Ibiza.

SEAT Connect

We mentioned at the start that the SEAT Ibiza and Arona transfer connectivity and interaction with the car to and from the outside. The starting point is the SEAT Connect system, third generation and standard on all trim levels, using an eSIM card integrated into the vehicle. Some of the features provided by SEAT Connect include eCall, which contacts emergency services directly in the event of an accident, a call that can be manual or automatic, and which includes information on the location of the vehicle, its exterior color or the number of passengers traveling on board. Another advantage is the private call, thanks to which the driver can contact a SEAT assistant who will always take care of him in his own language.

Remote services

Another essential function of SEAT CONNECT is the possibility to remotely control interesting functions of the SEAT Ibiza and Arona as well as to access relevant information on their general condition. You just have to download the application on the smartphone to know the driving data, the parking position or the status of the vehicle (including lights and door locks), all this whether the user is next to his car or thousands of km away from it. You can also set up anti-theft alarms, speeding or zone restriction alerts for other drivers, as well as remotely activate the opening and closing of doors, the horn or the indicators.


Semi-autonomous driving level 2

Adaptive and predictive cruise control, emergency braking, fatigue detector, lane departure assistant, traffic sign recognition, blind spot assistant up to 70 m, low beam / high beam assistant … upper segment. In this sense, they integrate a technological platform that allows level 2 semi-autonomous driving.

Other details

100% LED headlights: standard on the entire range, for better vision. This LED technology also applies to the rear lights and ambient lighting of the front doors and air vents. Digital cockpit: The instrument panel is a 10.25 “digital panel, with customizable content. A tablet on the instrument panel: connectivity, infotainment and comfort options are managed via a floating HD touchscreen. to 9.2 “. Device Charging: Gadgets in general can be charged via the two USB-C ports located in the front area. A wireless charger for smartphones is also available.

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