The Day – Waterford Planning Commission approves zoning change for housing project

Waterford – The Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday approved a zoning change that will allow for the construction of 40 homes on Great Neck Road.

The commission voted 3 to 1, with member Kenneth Petrini dissenting, to approve a rezoning application by Adam’s Builders LLC of Waterford to change from an industrial district to a planned design district, allowing more flexibility in design than a normal residential neighborhood in areas such as density, yard size, preservation of open space and amenities.

Robert Creutz of Village Drive in Waterford, which adjoins the property at 48 Great Neck Road, was present at the meeting to voice concerns about the development’s proximity to his home.

“My personal concern is that our homes on Village Drive will lose value because this dense mass of homes (would) be sneaking through the woods, he said.

The rezoning application received a favorable report from city planner Mark Wujtewicz in a letter to the commission dated May 24, who said the proposed development is consistent with the natural resources and residential development policies of the Conservation and city ​​development, approved in 2012 and modified in 2015.

The zoning change will allow the proposed development, designated ‘Ivy Hill’, to consist of 40 detached single-family units and duplex-style condominiums that are expected to sell for $299,000 and have an association fee of $275 per month, documents show. .

Four of the units will be considered affordable housing. Housing is considered affordable if a person or family earning 80% of a city’s median income will not spend more than 30% of their income on housing. In Waterford, 80% of the median income is $82,160 per year for a family of four. Affordable housing would therefore allow them to spend no more than $24,648 per year on housing, including utilities, taxes and associated costs.

Petrini expressed concerns about the project, saying “in general I don’t have a problem with the overall concept”, but the development was too dense. “It seems excessive, he said.

Other concerns addressed by the commission include the limited number of parking spaces offered for guests, which is currently seven spaces in total. Two resident parking spaces are available for each unit.

Member Bertrand Chenard said there was a shortage of homes around 1,000 square feet. He said he knew people “who went to other towns because they couldn’t find this kind of accommodation in Waterford”.

The development is proposed on 11.3 acres of land – it contains 2.3 acres of wetlands, including a stream and a small pond – which lies south of Defender Industries Inc. at 42 Great Neck Road and north of Great Neck Village, also built by Les Bâtisseurs d’Adam.

Current plans show a long private road with two units on the north side of the road and three on the south side starting approximately 40 feet from the property frontage. The road continues for approximately 400 feet, culminating in an oval shape where the remaining 35 units will be located.

The plan features three different 1,250 square foot Cape Cod-style homes, each offering three to four variations that buyers can choose from to customize.

Additionally, preliminary plans for the property currently include a 1/3 mile walking path with benches, garbage cans, and lighting, as well as an 18-foot by 36-foot outdoor pavilion.

A single family home, which Adam’s Builders intends to demolish, currently occupies the property.