The pharmacy is preparing to move | Gazette and herald

Derwent Pharmacy will move from its current location as part of Derwent Surgery to the old employment center.

Owner Neil Beecham said: “Regarding the logistics of the relocation, we will close at our standard time on Saturday May 1st, move everything from Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, and open the new premises with our usual opening hours from Tuesday May 4th.

“Services, etc. of the pharmacy will be exactly as they are now, and as mentioned, we hope to expand them in the weeks, months and years to come.

“As the new premises are close to where we are now, the parking options are the same as today, but we also have a few spaces with the building that we plan to register as parking spaces. short term for the collection of prescriptions. ”

The building was named “Ian Beecham House” as a nod to the legacy and influence of Neil’s father on the community he lived and served.

Neil said: “I want to stress that if anyone has any questions regarding our move, please give us a call. Our phone number will remain the same, and the address will not be much different either.

“This is a big step for our company, but I see it as a positive step not only for our team of staff, but above all to be able to improve and develop our service offering to the community where we live and let’s work.