The Ridgefield School District Dilemma: More Students, Same Space

“Changing attendance limits requires a lot of logistical planning, so we are working closely with KWRL on this aspect of the planning to ensure bus routes are feasible and the correct number of students would pass from URES at SRES to help balance enrollment. said Vajgrt.

Along with the proposed boundary shift, another contingency plan would be to convert multipurpose spaces used for assemblies or extracurricular activities into classrooms.

Although elementary school overcrowding is a significant example of population imbalance, McCann pointed to the district’s middle/middle school complex of Sunset Intermediate and View Ridge Middle schools as perhaps the most serious pinch in terms of physical space. The wrestling room and/or black box theater at View Ridge, he said, should be converted into classrooms.

Year-round calendar

If population growth continues at a faster rate in the 2023-2024 school year, Ridgefield also plans to use multitrack calendars year-round. In this scenario, students and teachers would be divided into four groups with staggered schedules so that at any one time, 75% of students would be in school, while the remaining 25% would be on a short break. Each group would attend for three weeks and then be away for one week throughout the year.

While possible, said Deputy Superintendent Chris Griffiths, the concept is far from ideal.

“It would limit the ability of teachers and students to feel like they own a classroom, because when they leave, another teacher and their students come back to take that place, Griffiths said. “It would really hamper the ability of the culture and climate for students and staff throughout the year.”