The swimming pool crashes in the parking lot | Terrifying video shows swimming pool crashing into parking lot in Brazil – WATCH

The pool crashes in the parking lot and nbsp

Last week, a swimming pool crashed in a parking lot at a beachfront condominium in southeast Brazil. The shocking incident that took place in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, was captured by a security camera. The 75-foot-long pool suddenly collapsed and turned it into a free car wash.

CCTV footage shows the pool surrounded by plants and floodlights. No one is visible in the area. The bottom of the pool suddenly collapses in a sharp pause. The video then goes to the parking lot under the swimming pool, which is suddenly flooded with water. No one is seen in the garage.

Watch the video here:

The 270 residents of the building were evacuated, Brazilian online news portal G1 reported. No injuries were reported during the incident. The accident did not damage the vehicles in the indoor parking lot.

Some tenants in the building across from Itaparica Beach have reported a strong smell of gas coming from the heated pool.

Argo, the company that constructed the 90-unit building, provided free accommodation for displaced tenants in nearby hotels.

Officials from Espírito Santo and Vila Velha allowed residents to return to their apartments on Tuesday after engineers inspected the complex and found no structural damage.

The pool was closed for at least three months in 2020 due to a leak, the Folha Vitoria newspaper reported.

In October last year, an 18-year-old boy named Kunal Mohite saved the lives of 75 residents from the collapse of a two-story residential building in Dombivli, Mumbai. Mohite was watching excessively when he saw part of his house start to collapse. He immediately alerted all residents who evacuated the building without any injury.