Think you like spreadsheets? This guy spent six years tracking his parking spots with a detailed log

I see you there, tracking Fantasy Football expenses, budgets, or results on elaborate spreadsheets. An individual on Twitter recently said he had recorded all of his 883 fights and mapped all the airports, hotels and sports arenas he had been to. He said he didn’t know why, but that it might be helpful if he needed to prove to the police where he was. So this is it.

Here is, because I met your partner, statistics buffs: Gareth Wild, a resident of a town just outside of London in the UK, has decided to turn his typical weekly grocery store into a worthy project. the most detailed spreadsheets you like. Over the course of six laborious years, the film producer and photographer mapped out every parking spot in his local store and parked at each one.

“I wanted to turn something that is otherwise a rather boring and boring (although necessary) task into a challenge so I can get some fun out of the process,” Wild said on Twitter. “At first I was just thinking of mapping the spaces I was using the most, but I quickly saw the big picture trying to get them all.”

Wild shops in the same Sainsbury supermarket and determined that there were 211 eligible parking spaces in the car park he needed to occupy to achieve his goal. By eliminating motorcycle space and those allocated to disabled buyers, Wild used an aerial view to tag a vector image and assign each spot a block and area number. Calculating about 60 visits a year, he figured he could complete his challenge in less than four years, but the pandemic slowed him down.

April 27, the parking lot – er, enthusiast? – completed what he calls his Magnum Opus, triumphantly announce news on Twitter. The unlikely viral post generated more than 124,000 likes and 12,500 retweets, which earned Wild some notoriety on the Internet.

“Honestly, I can’t understand the popularity this has created,” Wild told me in a direct message exchange. “It has also been overwhelmingly positive, which is a real surprise as Twitter is usually a cesspool of internal fighting. So I’m glad I brought a few smiles.

If you’re planning a trip to Sainsbury’s parking lot in Bromley and want to make its way, Wild has even marked the best and worst places for you.

“Seriously, though,” he said. “Avoid spaces next to cart bays. They are just terrible ”

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