Tradie leaves a note about car from ‘selfish’ Bunnings buyer in Balgowlah

A merchant’s note to a Bunnings shopper who parked in the wrong bay got a lot of attention after it was shared with a local Facebook group.

A “tradie” note to a “selfish” Bunnings buyer has been hailed online.

Another customer had spotted a Mazda CX5 hatchback parked in the wrong place at the retailer’s Balgowlah store in North Sydney.

He took several shots of the vehicle and a handwritten note left on the car’s windshield and uploaded it to the Manly Living Facebook group on Tuesday.

“Vibrating over this polite note left on a car that selfishly parked in the assigned Trades and Trailer bay in Bunnings car park, Balgowlah,” the captioned customer said.

“I doubt it would change the behavior of the person, but you never know.”

Assuming the driver was not a tradesman, a stranger thought to be a tradesman left a note asking them not to park there.

He said, “Please don’t park here!” You’re making it harder for hard-working trades! »

“Please be common,” they said before signing with “thank you” and a smiley face.

A local said he also saw the same vehicle with the note left on its windshield.

“There was another one in front with a note. The ground parking lot was quite full, but there are often plenty of spaces in the basement,” they wrote. “Looks like the car must have been there for quite a while, judging by the now empty bays all around.”

Others praised the “tradie” who wrote the note, writing “good on them”.

“So many people park in these places when all you have to do is go down one more level and it’s usually half empty. Very difficult for people with trailers to park, one person wrote.

“Pure laziness,” added another.

The leaver’s attractive cursive script also caught the eye.

“Beautiful calligraphy from a tradie,” one online user commented.

However, the rating also sparked heated debate over the need to try the driver.

“Omg who has time! Or the notebook and pen at hand…..” asked one person.

“How do you know it’s not a trade,” asked a second person.

Another netizen pointed out that there were “a bunch of empty parking spaces” for the trader to park.

“Why bother?” they wrote.

“Because cars with an attached trailer don’t fit in a regular parking spot. They need those doubles, that’s why they’re for cars with trailers,” another user replied. can confirm that most Bunnings stores have trade and trailer points for customers to easily and safely secure their loads, which also applies to traders and retail customers with trailers.

It is understood that there are no rules on how customers can use these spots, and buyers generally leave them to those who need them.

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