Trinity Street parking lot requires permission from the top floor restaurant

A multi-storey car park in Dublin city center seeks to capitalize on the change in environment brought about by Covid-19 by transforming its rooftop section into an open-air restaurant and open-air cinema.

Plans to modify the upper levels of the Trinity Street parking lot, which is located behind Dame Street, also includes an “immersive art gallery” on the 5th floor of the building.

Table 21 Restaurants, owned by Chef Niall Davidson, has requested a temporary change in use up to a maximum of three years for the top two floors of the multi-story parking lot.


Mr Davidson said he was seeking a building permit for the changes as indoor dining was unlikely to return to Dublin until the fall.

The Derry-born chef, who opened Allta restaurant and wine bar on Setanta Place in Dublin in 2019 after returning from a career in London, said there was “an appetite for al fresco dining never seen before in Ireland ”.

While Allta has been forced to shut down due to Covid-19, Mr Davidson said he has turned his business online and serves around 450 meals a week.

Mr Davidson said he plans to operate the rooftop restaurant and raw bar serving seafood from July through October with opening hours from noon to midnight.

“I think we can transform the Trinity car park into an outdoor space in the heart of Dublin, the city of which has never existed before,” said Davidson.

The chef said the open-air restaurant, which will be accessed via the existing pedestrian entrance to the Dame Lane car park, will be open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

“On Monday, we will focus on the exhibitions in the gallery and live socially distant concerts. On Sunday and at the beginning of the week, there will be an outdoor cinema, ”he revealed.

Mr Davidson said he had obtained a legal opinion that a special restaurant license was “feasible”.

He said discussions had also taken place with Dublin City firefighters, who had raised no concerns about the proposed changes to the building.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all bookings will be handled by pre-booking in four-hour time slots for a maximum of six people.

The owners of the Trinity Street parking lot said the proposed development “specifically addresses restrictions on social distancing and indoor dining in a time of uncertainty and provides a unique attraction to combat the decline in the number of people. visitors observed over the past 18 months.

They said the temporary plans for the rooftop restaurant would not impact the proposed demolition of the multi-story parking lot, including the Pichet restaurant, for the construction of a new office development currently on call for An Bord Pleanála.