Trio of Range Rover drivers exposed on Facebook for poor parking across Teesside

Nothing causes more outrage on the roads than poor parking.

From cars parked illegally in disabled bays to vehicles mounted on curbs, road users are infuriated by the exploits of bad drivers. But angry and frustrated motorists are getting their revenge – shaming those who posted terrible parking on the streets of Teesside.

The Sh*t Parking and Driving in Teesside Facebook page has been busy as ever exposing those who have parked their cars in precarious positions. The page has gathered more than 1,300 subscribers in recent weeks.

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Below is a selection of 10 of the worst parking photos posted in the group over the past two weeks.

A trio of Range Rovers have been in the news this week – after one was spotted jamming on a pavement in Ormesby Road.

Another was pictured straddling a parking space in Morrisons car park in Teesside Park, while a third was spotted on double yellow lines on Marton Road outside St Joseph’s Church.

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