What will count as a road measurement success? – your views

Controversial: spaces for people
Controversial: spaces for people

What will count as a road measurement success?

Will the Edinburgh Council indicate how it will assess whether the Spaces for People measures have been successful?

Have the changes to the roads had the result required to get more people on the road than would have been without the £ 5million in spending?

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Will the board also confirm that it will pay the claims or fines for non-compliance with the Highway Traffic Act and the various acts of Parliament that have arisen?

For example, the obligation to stop as close as possible to the edge of the road. What is the new edge and where should the parking restriction marks be?

The Highway Code states that it is safer for passengers, especially children, to get out of a curbside vehicle. With now common parking in the middle of the road and traffic passing on both sides, this is no longer possible. What happens when a child is injured getting out of a car?

Alastair Murray, Elliot Road, Edinburgh.

We need to talk about IndyRef2!

When Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar and Willie Rennie are asked if they would support the SNP’s right to hold an independence referendum if the party wins a majority in the next election, all three refuse to answer the question. and embark on a carefully crafted, never-ending no-response and won’t give in until the interviewer gives up.

Yes, we know you don’t support independence, we know you don’t support a second referendum and we know you blame Nicolas Sturgeon for everything, but what would you do if there was such a majority?

I believe these anti-democrats get away with it because media interviewers, who normally work for media that don’t support independence, don’t always ask for honest answers.

This was evident in Question Time last week, when Fiona Bruce failed to push the leaders of the three biggest Unionist parties to answer the question.

It was left to a member of the virtual audience to wonder why Ms Bruce let them get away with it. If the SNP wins a democratic majority, how will Mrs Sturgeon democratically bring IndyRef2 if the “big three” ignore our democratic process?

Jack Fraser, Clayknowes Drive, Musselburgh.

Children’s mental health crisis needs our care

As a coalition of leading providers of care and support for vulnerable children and young people, we welcome the consensus among the main political parties in the Scottish Parliament elections to tackle the growing mental health crisis among our young people.

For some time now, we’ve been concerned about a potential lost generation of vulnerable children and youth, whose mental health is further affected by the Covid pandemic.

The commitment of political parties to focus on mental health, by increasing investments in support services and intervention strategies, must therefore be appreciated and must be a priority for the next parliament.

Our children are remarkably resilient, but the frightening statistics of the deterioration of the mental health of many of them present a compelling case for a national crusade to tackle what is a mental health pandemic, backed by evidence. considerably more resources.

We can solve this mental health crisis, but it will require similar energy and commitment to the fight against Covid if we are to achieve it and prevent many young people from abandoning their future – and themselves.

Scottish Coalition for Children’s Services, Queen Street, Edinburgh.