Why there will soon be more parking space for motorists in Saltburn

Councilors backed plans for a new 25-space overflow car park on land to the east of the existing Cat Nab car park in Saltburn. The land is adjacent to a Northumbrian Water pumping station and lies between Saltburn Bank and the A174 road.

Members of the Redcar and Cleveland council regulatory committee shared their experiences of motorists parking carelessly, and in some cases illegally, when granting planning permission. Councilor Cliff Foggo said: “Parking is always a problem in Saltburn and any improvements should be beneficial.”

Cllr Foggo said part of the area was used for illegal parking and ‘at least with that we have it under control and it could continue [motorists] parking lot on the hillside.

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Councilor Malcolm Head said: ‘I was there a few weeks ago and the number of parking spaces on the Saltburn outbound bend was huge. These 25 additional places should solve this problem a little.

Councilor Tim Gray added: ‘I’ve tried to negotiate this bend from Saltburn up the Ship Inn bank to Brotton and Loftus and it can be very dangerous with people parking the whole way. on the one hand. This car park is also a road safety initiative.

Repairs to the Cat Nab car park in Saltburn on the burst sewer pipe took several weeks

The project will also involve additional traffic calming measures, although they were not considered with the planning application. A number of comments were received from members of the public regarding the application.

One said the parking proposals failed to take into account the wider use of the area and referred to the potential impact on the ‘very popular and long standing’ historic Saltburn climb . Another said: ‘An increase in parking spaces runs counter to the council’s plan to lead by example on climate change.

“This is a short-sighted plan creating a small amount of parking, where is the incentive to use public transport?”

And Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council said the plans were ‘unprofessional’. He said proper crossing facilities were needed for the public, along with a sidewalk and fence, some likely to access the nearby model railway as an access shortcut.

An objection was also initially raised by the council’s own conservation officer, until a modified scheme was agreed using an alternative earth-coloured cladding which was considered to have a more organic appearance and reduce visual impact of development. A report states that requests have been made by residents and businesses to increase the number of parking spaces provided in Saltburn and that studies have identified that “parking is critical to the town’s success as a tourist destination”.

He added: “The current demand for parking on the Lower Foreshore is causing significant congestion across the city and during peak season. By increasing the capacity of this area and improving the Cat Nab and Marine Parade parking lot, [it] relieve this pressure.

The report concluded that there would be a number of benefits from the new car park that would outweigh the minor impacts.

In January, councilors approved an extension to the existing Cat Nab car park with an additional 34 spaces, with concerns having already been raised over the cost. The car park was recently closed after a leaking sewer pipe necessitated major repair work by Northumbrian Water.

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