Widespread rule violation by drivers on one-way roads leaves residents of Pondicherry in distress

The one-way traffic system put in place by the traffic police to reduce traffic jams on several of the city’s narrow roads has been rejected by drivers breaking the rules with impunity.

While the vehicle density in the city has grown steadily over the years, the limited road infrastructure is unable to handle the traffic. Residents complain that traffic violations have become more and more frequent day by day. Most cases involve breaking one-way rules, signal hopping, and random parking in multiple locations.

The one-way rule only exists on paper in Ambalathadayar Madam Street, Rangapillai Street, Kokku Park Crossroads, and Vellala Street. It is common to see people driving in the wrong lane on Ambalathadyar Madame Street, residents said. Jawaharlal Nehru Street, home to several commercial establishments, is the latest addition to the list. Although there is no time restriction mentioned in the rule, drivers believe they can enter the wrong lane after 10 p.m.

According to S. Ashwin, a resident of VVP Nagar, people are breaking the rule on several one-way roads. Even though road signs and barricades have been installed at the junction of Kokku Park, drivers, including motorists, do not take them seriously and cause inconvenience to others.

“No deterrence”

Traffic police personnel are also absent at the intersection of Kokku Park. Without fear of being prosecuted for traffic violations, there is no way to stop drivers from breaking the law.

P. Devanathan of People’s Pulse, a civil society group, said several thoroughfares on the boulevard, including Mission Street and Bharathi Street, do not have signage.

“One example is Mission Street. The entry of four-wheeled vehicles has been restricted on some sections of the road, including the Jawaharlal Nehru Street junction. However, cars continue to enter the section in the absence of traffic signs. For a first-time traveler, this is very confusing. Traffic police should coordinate with Google Maps and map the city’s arteries, including one-way streets for better traffic management, ”he said.

According to a senior police official, the traffic police made frequent trips to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles and notices are being sent through the court.