Woodville parking lot solution needed

Wyndham Council will seek to find a long-term solution for parents and carers at Warringa Park School that meets their parking needs.

For many years, the school’s tutors and teachers used the parking lot at Woodville Park Shopping Center for free.

Earlier this year, the mall informed the school that it would no longer support free parking and would start charging fees.

Wyndham Council received a petition signed by more than 200 residents asking for help with parking requests.

Councilor Mia Shaw said it would be a terrible outcome if struggling families had to pay for parking to get their children safely to school.

“It is frankly unacceptable for parents and guardians of children with reduced mobility and special needs to attempt to park on the street away from school, she said.

A report at the Tuesday March 22 council meeting said council officers had carried out on-site inspections and raised the matter with the Woodville Mall Corporation.

As the car park is private property, the shopping center has no obligation to take into account requests made by the town hall.

However, a representative from Woodville indicated that he was ready to enter into a short-term lease that would allow the school to use up to 50 parking spaces.

This would be a temporary solution as Woodville is currently finalizing a bid to subdivide the parking space, according to the report.

The council said it would approach the state government to purchase nearby land to meet parking needs.

Other proposals include installing parking spaces along Willmott Drive, creating a pathway to make it easier for families to walk to school, and creating a more sure along the way.

Cr Shaw said the board would look at how it could improve the situation, but some things were beyond his control.

“It is the responsibility of the state government to provide parking for the school and they need to come to the party and buy the land to enable a long term parking solution for a school that really needs it.”