YOUR SAY: Anger over East Heathcote parking plans | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

This state government, represented by Heathcote MP Lee Evans, has a long history of announcing “plans” without community consultation. It is therefore no surprise when Mr Evans recently wrote to our group and said the following regarding the proposed East Heathcote car park: “a public consultation was not necessary as the land is part of the rail corridor”. This must therefore mean that any development or project owned by the state government does not need to be associated with community consultation. This East Heathcote community was ignored when Mr Evan’s government supported and channeled the high density development of Heathcote Hall through its Sydney South Planning Panel. The fight has just started to overturn this outrageous parking lot project and we call on Transport Minister Rob Stokes, who jointly announced this project with Mr Evans, to meet with us to hear our concerns about the risk of traffic and bushfires. . Phil Smith, Residents Against Excessive Development

Here we go again

First, the Jannali suburban parking lot was offered without any community consultation and the real threat of acquiring family homes and now in Heathcote East. When will local Liberal MPs learn to step out from under desks and consult? Lee Evans MP and Minister Rob Stokes announced a parking lot of 210 space commuters at East Heathcote for South Coast residents, without any consultation or consideration of its impact on the Heathcote East community.

This is the promised parking lot for the Engadine in 2019. With two schools, a retirement home, a nursery, sports fields and facilities – traffic jams and traffic jams on the single-track bridge are already at their peak. Not to mention the major development of Heathcote Hall and the 15,000 hectares of Royal National Park surrounding Heathcote East, an area prone to bush fires. The minister and state member should withdraw this ridiculous proposal and immediately begin consultation with the community. Maryanne Stuart, Heathcote

Will the plans backfire on you?

Will the state government’s Heathcote rail car park backfire like it did in Jannali? Neither the state government nor Sydney Trains have consulted the community about the gigantic 210 parking spaces, which I find most disappointing. No one in the community knows where parking is provided – just “north of the station” is all we read. An elderly woman living next to the current parking lot was terribly anxious because no one could reassure her that her house would not be bulldozed. A simple knock on the door would have been comforting for this lovely woman. This small community, served by a single bridge entering and exiting the suburbs, should not be the benchmark for motorists traveling from the Illawarra to the Engadine. This parking lot has been promised to the community of Engadine and this is where it should be. Better yet, it could be placed at Waterfall. Patrick Kennedy, Heathcote

RFS should be consulted

Local MP Lee Evan will not be meeting with us, so we are trying to get together with the RFS to seek their support to stop the massive Heathcote East car park project. Mr Evans confirmed that the 210-space car park will be reserved for motorists from Illawarra and Engadine. If rail services cannot be improved, let’s build the Engadine or Illawarra parking lot.

In consultation with the Rural Fire Department, the Sutherland Shire Council identified East Heathcote as a high risk bushfire area and implemented an E4 zoning to protect us from overdevelopment and increased traffic. due to the flow of emergency vehicles and outgoing residents. in case of bush fires.

Over the past twelve months, there has been a substantial increase in traffic; it may take over 20 minutes to exit over the small railway bridge during school pickup and drop-off times and during regular sporting events held at Heathcote Oval.

This proposal is surely a mistake! Every day, 500 additional cars entering and exiting this small community put this community at considerable risk of evacuation in the event of a bushfire and congestion with incoming emergency vehicles.

The Rural Fire Department has a legal obligation to protect life, property and the environment and we will ask them to honor their previous policies – without political interference. Wally and Barbara Koppe, Save Heathcote East Action Group

Can’t you be serious?

Regarding the passage from the Engadine car park to Heathcote East, as indicated in the Leader, as a great tennis player used to say, “you can’t be serious”. Heathcote East is already packed during school hours, sports days, the local community is tired of using an outdated two-lane bridge. We also need another outlet on the railway line to the Princess Highway. Has anyone thought of building the parking lot at Waterfall, plenty of room to go up there while being closer to the south coast. Local council elections are coming next month, it would be interesting to see if any political parties are willing to help us with our request for an additional outlet outside of Heathcote East, don’t hold your breath. R. Clarke, Heathcote

Road safety hazards at Heathcote

It might be worth checking out the state of Heathcote from New Illawarra Rd to Sandy Point. The county’s most dangerous road is overgrown with bushes and dead trees have fallen along the road. Safety signs are not clearly visible due to overgrown trees. I drive this road every day and it is only a matter of time until another accident happens because of it. I called the board and nothing was done. David Herbert, Bangor

No engagement

I’m disappointed that our Local State Member Lee Evans seems to learn from our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, engage, then not deliver and ask us to “look over there…” Committed to fix Heathcote Road, still no action now too expensive, so we get a bandage. Bonnie Vale has pledged to open the family campsite in October, or maybe December 20 and 21 – more like a wasteland with dead mangroves, broken beaches and horrendous retention works in the lagoon. It won’t even be worth the visit. It’s a shame. Commitment – suburban parking in Engadine, too hard – let’s throw it on Heathcote East. This is not a parking lot for the Engadine. Dominique Passmore, Heathcote East